21 year old wife sucks and fucks a guy for money

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Slutpaula 3 years ago
Figured I would fuck this business man I met at a bar. Went back to he room with him and let him fuck me raw all night. Iin the morning he got up to shower and get ready to leave for a 6 AM flight back home. On the way out he put 500 dollars on the bed stand and kisses me telling me I was well worth it. Did know weather to be flattered or pissed. Hell I was fucking him because I wanted to.
Ya right 3 years ago
If shes 21 call me the queen of england
BiLover 2 years ago
She has som beautiful body. Her 80ties hairstyle make her look like a horny disco slut. I would fuck her 7 days a week.
Mike 3 years ago
Excuse me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the title describe what most Women do ?
2 years ago
My wife did this.
We went to the bar. She just picked a guy out took him to our van and sucked him off for bucks
Fuck off 3 years ago
I would've force my dick down her throat! Make that bitch pay!
Anon 2 years ago
The title should be: boy fucks older milf for money. She ain't married, hypergamous yes girls her age (30 something) don't get high value men, only boys who make amateur porn for pennies. Future obnoxious cat lady.
Anthony 1 year ago
I wanted to see cum on her face
John 2 months ago
Ace 2 years ago
I would love to know her real porn name. Can't find a thing on her.