I Fucked Someone's Wife On A Cruise

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Bro 11 months ago
Stop lying about banging some dudes wife. We all know it’s your own wife
Tammy 11 months ago
Fucking that little dick shouldn't be considered cheating. He should be considered a warm up as long as he didn't cum in her asshole, mouth or pussy.
11 months ago
I sometimes think my 6 incher is small. But seeing dudes like him raise my hopes back up. I’m average and proud.
10 months ago
That is the most boring fuck I've seen!!!
tom 11 months ago
She is delicious!
bull 11 months ago
dude can't fuck to save his life
Robert 11 months ago
She’s a good looking woman and has a terrific body.
Jesus 10 months ago
Yeah someone’s wife was his sister. This sucked.actually made me lose wood
Dan 11 months ago
Did you fuck her though, boring as fuck...that bitch needed to get plowed!!
Hell fire 10 months ago
What happened to his legs during g doggie? Geeze